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You've heard the old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." right? So, you can't be blamed for being a little suspicious when someone says they'll pay you cash to Buy Junk Cars in Tiverton. After all, it just doesn't make sense to pay good money for anything that doesn't run. Right?

Well, that is right... in most cases. The salvage car industry, however, is one instance where the old adage just doesn't hold water. There is literally an entire industry built on the leftover parts of dying automobiles. To capitalize on this mostly untapped market, smart salvage businesses streamlined processes to Buy Junk Cars making it as easy as making a phone call and being handed cash on the spot!

In fact! If you're anywhere near Tiverton, Rhode Island you're in luck! You're only minutes away from one of our knowledgeable salvage experts who can speak with you right now. CALL US @ 877-345-3559 and we guarantee you the most cash for your car on the spot!

While the idea of selling a broken down wreck may seem foreign to you, this has been going on for quite a long time. There are big profits to be made in restoring, recycling, and salvaging old autos. A multi-million dollar industry has been built on just used auto parts alone. People in Tiverton, RI that Buy Junk Cars usually have a strong mechanical background, and a strong knowledge of car and truck values.

While it's true that most junkyards and tow truck operators conduct themselves in honest fashion, you still need to know a few things to keep yourself safe, and get a fair deal in the process.

After all, a small percentage of bad guys out there are just waiting for the chance to take advantage of anyone they think they can make take advantage of. All you need to do to protect yourself from these callus scammers is to be aware of the tricks they use to perpetrate their fraud.

It could be that in the past you have traded in, or sold your old car to someone else. This means you would have almost no idea about the used parts industry, or how to Buy Junk Cars.

Learn this list of 5 common tricks scammers use to Buy Junk Cars, and you'll be able to get the fair deal you deserve, and avoid being ripped-off.

  1. Spotting the Dishonest Tow Truck Driver

    It's safe to say that tow truck operators are not the most well liked, or trusted workers in the world. Not that they are inherently bad people, just that the circumstances of their arrival is usually preceded by less than fortunate events that puts them in the company of say the mortician, or the Grim Reaper.

    Tow haulers also share a certain lack of job oversight, which allows less-than-ethical practices to take hold. Some junkyards hire outside operators to tow vehicles for them. This saves them the trouble of having to maintain a fleet of trucks themselves.

    These strategic partnerships create an environment of no accountability, which makes it even easier to get away with bad behavior.

    If you were given a price quote for the value of your vehicle over the phone (and you were totally honest about the condition of the car) and the driver starts to tell you that now that he sees the car it isn't worth as much as was quoted... its time to move along to the next offer. This person might be trying to "skim" a bit off the top for him or herself.

    Also keep an eye out for the one where the driver hands you a check from the junkyard you made the deal with, then informs you that you are responsible for the cost of the towing. Another trick they hope you will go for without questioning.

    The question of who pays for towing should be penned out in the deal, so to speak. If the drivers tells you that you must pay after you have made a deal with the buyer to the contrary... "Houston, we have a problem."

    Do not let the driver hook the car to the truck until you have called the company and settled the matter to your satisfaction. If it becomes a hassle, just tell them to get lost and call another company.


    Each state has its own laws regarding the transfer of legal ownership of any vehicle running, or not. The registration needs to be canceled immediately before, or following the sale, or you are still considered the legal owner and responsible for the vehicle.

    Even if you have a bill of sale, it may not be enough to protect you if the vehicle is still registered to your name!

    Why is this important? Say a guy shows up and wants to Buy Junk Cars. You mistakenly hand over the title, and he tells you he'll take care of the rest of the paperwork from his end to make your life easier.

    Then, after a few weeks, or months you begin to get a bill from the guy who has decided to charge you storage fees for your car, which still sits in his lot. If the car is still registered to you then you may have no other choice but to pay the fees. Otherwise, you could be held liable in civil court.


    When you call to Buy Junk Cars you'll want to do your best to describe the condition of your auto as precisely as possible. It might even be a good idea to fax, or email photos showing the exact condition the car, or truck is in.

    That way there will be no surprises when the driver arrives with your money. As long as everything is as it was described it should be a smooth exchange.

    Be warned, however, not-so-scrupulous salvage companies have been known to try to low-ball junk car sellers at the point of sale. If you were honest in describing the car then you should demand that the company stand by their original offer.

    Remember that you hold all of the power and that vehicle belongs to you until you sign over the title. Don't do it until you get what you were quoted!

    At Kelly Car Buyer, our word is our bond, and we guarantee you that we offer the highest prices paid for junk automobiles in the entire Tiverton, RI area. Even if your unwanted vehicle hasn't run in years, we'll still show up and pay you cash for the privilege of hauling it away.


    Watch out for another type of Bait-n-Switch style scammery that involves an issue arising with payments. You should absolutely, under no circumstance, under penalty of death (Ok, maybe not that severe, but seriously...) never allow a tow truck driver to hook your vehicle up, or take it away until you have been paid in full.

    Have you ever heard that possession is 9/10 of the law? You'll learn about it the hard way if you make the mistake of letting your car go to the lot without first getting paid.

    Without official proof of the transaction, your rights go right out the window if you decide to pull out of the deal for any reason (like a low-ball offer after the car is already towed).

    In a case like this, you might expect to be charged for storage, towing, and other expenses that could total more than the car is worth. A sticky, ugly mess can be totally avoided by you doing one easy thing; don't let them take your car until you get paid what was promised!


    This part seems like a no-brainer, but it causes more headaches than any other aspect when it comes time to Buy Junk Cars in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Unless you agree to drive the car to the lot, someone has to haul it away. That means that someone also has to pay to have it hauled to its final destination.

    Most people are not selling "running" condition vehicles, so it is assumed that it will need to be towed. What shouldn't be assumed, however, is that the salvage company will pay for that.

    Make sure you negotiate who will pay for the cost of towing the automobile. If you are the one who is expected to pay for the towing you need to figure it into the offer for the car and make sure that it is a profitable solution. Otherwise, you might end up on the losing end of the deal.

    Once you have the towing arranged be mindful of greedy drivers trying to get you to pay extra for "unknown" fees, or charges. Call the buyer immediately if a conflict arises.

    The old days of tow truck drivers and salvage yards operating on the fringe of society are mostly over. But, you can never let your guard down when it comes to dealing with strangers and money.

Being aware of these tips will help keep you safe, and allow you to get the most money for your used, or broken down car. You can also learn more to watch for by doing a Google search on "Buying Junk Cars".

With the advent of the internet it is easier to vet individual companies and to learn about reputations and work quality.

Never be afraid to make a phone call, or to end negotiating with anyone whom you do not feel confortable with. If you feel uneasy about something, or someone and your concerns are not being treated with respect then this is a sign that something may be out of order.

Another good tip is to get at least 3 estimates for the value of your vehicle. You can even check the Kelley Bluebook yourself to get an approximation of your rides value. Also, know that even a rusted frame left out in the elements for decades is still worth something as scrap material.

Don't let anyone tell you they will "tow it away for free" without getting a proper assessment.

One last parting trend to watch out for is the offer that tries to get you to choose one company over another by offering you valueless prizes like vacations and other ridiculous gifts. The cost of these "free-giveaway" offers is always hidden elsewhere in the deal and rarely does it ever benefit the consumer in the end.

Keep things nice and neat by keeping business and pleasure separated and you'll get the better end of the deal every time.

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